"We are commited to establishing roots in this community and watching them grow."

The Ingomar Garden Club was Established in 1946 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to the art of gardening, flower design, conservation of natural resources, enviromental protection and civic improvement. The club was federated in 1954.  Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 10:30 am at St Johns Church, 311 Cumberland Rd., Pittsburgh, PA.


Plant Sale Just Around The Corner

03/30/2019 22:29

  Ingomar Garden Club Annual Plant Sale.  May 11th    8am till 2pm    Corner of Ingomar Road and  Route 19        

Hanging Baskets          Perennials          Vegetables          Crafts


Plant Sale

03/09/2019 21:47

The sale isn't untill May 11th, BUT the perennials need to be dug up divided and potted by April 1st.  So members start planning now what to bring, collecting pots and planting material.  The first "Diggums Workshop" project is April 1st. at Mike Barns Inc. Goodyear Warehouse, ( the finest place to buy tires. ) The second workshop is April 8th. Ample time to bring seedlings started by the members.  I'm told some exotic tomatoes for the connoisseurs, along with milkweed for the Monarch butterfly lovers,  will be in the mix. 

As this is the clubs major fundraiser Crafts are being added as a feature. Here are a few examples.                                                                                            a hand crocheted scraper from sparkle yarn, about 4 inches wide and as tough as nails.

March Meeting 2019

03/08/2019 18:39

Let it snow!     Let it snow!      Let it snow!

No problem!

The ladies of the Ingomar Garden Club showed up to sign up for the projects, services. and events just around the corner.        Edie Joseph designed the centerpiece for the luncheonGary Gelder, President of the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvanis enlightened the group on potting media, watering, fertilizing, lighting, correct humidity and last and probably the most valuable information, those orchids that are easiest to grow. 

Members Day Out.

03/06/2019 22:24

Or the District IX annual meeting is April 2.  Also think Trash to Treasure contest.  The theme this year is Seasons in Bloom.

Remember no freash material.  The arrangement consists of repurposed, recycled, any sort of dried material just so it isn't alive. 

Remember to send in $23. for the reservation by March 20th  Besides a delicious lunch Dave Orster is the guest speaker.

Springfield Grill

02/06/2019 22:38

Welcome to the Springfield Grill

So it was a rainey day however the fellowship and the food was fair compensation.   Linda Womsley, our president enjoyed talking "with" rather than talking "to" the members.  No repots, no committes, no plant sales.  Please check "Garden Articles"

in the upper left column. Irene Rudy has recommendations for seed purchases.

Monte Cello Memories

01/09/2019 18:00

We will remember the January lunch-get-together because you needed a snow plow to get there. The menu was delicious as shown by our two happy members with their take-home doggie boxes.  Looking forward to doing this again in February at the Springfield Grill in Mars. 

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From the President Sept. 2019

08/29/2019 23:32

Linda Womsley



End of Summer Greetings

  I understand that we have had the first chill of fall in the air- I'msorry that I missed it!  May we have beautiful days ahead to work in Davis Council Park. 

We have a busy Septembe ahead - plenty of times to share with friends.  The first week we will hold our first meeting (in a long time) at Northmont UPC. (directions on the last page.)  The second week we will have our District Meeting at Butler Country Club on Friday, and our booth at the McCandless Community Day on Saturday. 

We take a day off on Sunday then start the third week with Horti-therapy then a tour of Historic Harmony.  Throw in a couple of David Council work days and we will have lots of opportunitys to get together and ......

Share The Season