"We are commited to establishing roots in this community and watching them grow."

The Ingomar Garden Club was Established in 1946 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to the art of gardening, flower design, conservation of natural resources, enviromental protection and civic improvement. The club was federated in 1954.  Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 10:30 am at St Johns Church, 311 Cumberland Rd., Pittsburgh, PA.



05/19/2019 20:57

     Our "fearless leader" Kate Colville

Tour indeed !   The Chatham campus is home for 115 different varieties of trees covering 32 acres. Our knowledgable and entertainning guide,  Kristen Spirl, included interesting diversions like a mother mallard duck with her day-old ducklings.  to view the trees and 'US' click on CHATHAM TOUR on the left panel


05/08/2019 12:33

                                     HERE WE COME




AND JUST WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT ?  Perennials found only from your grandmothers garden (because we have dug them up and re-potted them since 1946) "diggums.   Varieties ot tomatoes, peppers, and annuals that local big stores don't carry..we call them "off the beaten path."  Lots of expert gardeners will be on hand who are happy to answer questions and make sure you have a wonderful garden.

Here we are

PHOTO SHOOTMadam President, Linda Womsley with Publicity Chairman, Marcia Wielgus looking pretty pleased with the project.

Happy customer versus one making decisions decisions !!! ! Time for a little H20

Beautiful dayThe price is right!Janet Desko overseeing the the crafts and resale items.Looks like the shelves are sold out.  Be back next year

May Meeting - take care of the best gardning tool you have---Yourself

05/07/2019 22:29

Thanks Oralia. Joe Stavish,Tree expert, Community Education Coordinator for Tree Pittsburgh was the Guest Speaker and  taught us valuable techniques on tree planting, pruning, weeding, watering, and mulching.  Got it!



Michael Niggemer,   1st Place winner in the state essay contest regarding conservation.  He is proudly holding the state certificate and $100 check.  Michael is a senior at Vincentian Academy and a volunteer in High School World Vision, Animal Friends and Little Sisters of the Poor.  He plays soccer and plans to attend Pitt to study pre-med.  Below from left to right: Chris Hawthorne, Chairman Conservation and Youth, Mrs Rita Canton,Principal Vincention High School, Michael Niggemer,  Barb Oswlald, co-chairman for Conservation and Youth 

Been There Done That

05/07/2019 19:39

Flower arranging at "Flowerama.  Add a glass of wine with a yummy or two and ---Shazam!April 17



Jesteadt's Nursery in Prospect, PA.  where a greenhouse is another world.         April  29



 Jestaed's Green house April 24

A great place to "shop & Save

April Meeting

04/12/2019 22:16

After lunch the gals did some serious "crafting" for the May 11th plant sale.  There was a nice article in the Pine Richland News Paper.  We will be there 8am till 2pm with plants, crafts, and used garden accessories. 

Plant Sale Just Around The Corner

03/30/2019 22:29

  Ingomar Garden Club Annual Plant Sale.  May 11th    8am till 2pm    Corner of Ingomar Road and  Route 19        

Hanging Baskets          Perennials          Vegetables          Crafts


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From the President Sept. 2019

08/29/2019 23:32

Linda Womsley



End of Summer Greetings

  I understand that we have had the first chill of fall in the air- I'msorry that I missed it!  May we have beautiful days ahead to work in Davis Council Park. 

We have a busy Septembe ahead - plenty of times to share with friends.  The first week we will hold our first meeting (in a long time) at Northmont UPC. (directions on the last page.)  The second week we will have our District Meeting at Butler Country Club on Friday, and our booth at the McCandless Community Day on Saturday. 

We take a day off on Sunday then start the third week with Horti-therapy then a tour of Historic Harmony.  Throw in a couple of David Council work days and we will have lots of opportunitys to get together and ......

Share The Season