David Councill Park

David Councill was the first Ingomar soldier killed in World War II.  In 1952 the Bell Family donated 1 1/3 acres of land to the town of McCandless for a park in his memory  The Ingomar Garden Club has  planted and maintained the park since 1954.  A sundial, purchased by them is the focal point.  The club members work in the park throughout the year.

Through the years the park has won many awards and is currantly under the loving care of Jackie Nicholes, committee chairman

Photo Gallery: David Councill Park


Work Days

07/06/2016 19:44

Bring gloves, tools, wear boots because we have a "wet land."  A knee pad is handy and a bottle of water (for you ) and as there is no water in the park we bring jugs of water for the plants.  We have been doing this since 1954, it's called "dedication."





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