New Officers

06/30/2020 18:24

The Presidents Comments for July

06/30/2020 17:44
A Message from our President     Kate Coville     Dear Gardening Friends, How blessed we were on Saturday, June 13th, to have blue skies, pleasant temperatures and a GREAT turnout for our rescheduled Plant Sale. I want to thank you all for your hard work digging up and...

Birds and Butterflies

06/22/2020 23:16
By Julie Jansen...

June Board Meeting

06/18/2020 15:39
IGC had a new "member" at the June Board Meeting.  Unfortunately she had to be removed due to barking but still was around for our photo of the 2020 Board.  A few members Zoomed the meeting and everything was taken care of.

David Councill Park & Edith's Garden

06/16/2020 17:27
Primed, Primped and Pretty.  Looking back we have been doing this for 50 years.Edith's Garden in front of the Northland Library is a more recent project of ours, and ready for viewing.

Members Resume "OUTINGS"

06/11/2020 16:08
 Ingomar Garden Club gals drove over to Sewickley Heights to see the Wilpen Hall Rose Garden and what a beautiful day to be "smellin' the roses"  Built in in 1897 as a summer retreat for William Penn Snyder and his family, three generations later the property can be visited where sixty...

June 3rd Meeting

06/08/2020 13:38
Been there and done that! Since they predicted thunder storms with lightning and high winds we met at the church. None of the above happened.   Our meeting was blessed with, sunshine, balmy winds, and birds singing with a little traffic noise from Route 8 . St Thomas Anglican Church...


05/26/2020 22:57
June Meeting Covid-Style June 3, in a member's front yard, the Ingomar Garden Club will meet conplete with masks, bag lunch, chair, and a drink.   We will install the new officers and our Horticulture Chairman, after due research will present a program about  Exavating For Garden...


05/26/2020 22:46

Presidents Comments

05/26/2020 22:17
Dear Gardening Friends, A mere two weeks ago, on the day of our originally scheduled plant sale, I watched as snowflakes fell and clutched my coat tightly to me as a braced myself against the cold blustery wind. It turned out to be a BLESSING, in a way, that our sale had to be rescheduled...

Plant Sale - Craft Sale - Flea Market is ON

05/26/2020 22:04
June 13 is the date. The corner of Rt. 19 and Ingomar Rd. across from Bruesters Real Icecreami Our traditional May Plant Sale is going to happen only in June.  The fabulous "diggums"  perennials that we have saved from our grandmothers gardens will be available.  GardBeautiful Den...

Birds and Butterflies

05/22/2020 15:09
  Eastern Black Swallowtail   Habitat The Black Swallowtail likes open habitats. It is found in fields, meadows, deserts, marshes, near lakes and streams, farms, lawns, near cities, near roads, and gardens. It is rarely found in forests or woodlands. Humans have greatly helped the Black...

Deer Deterents

04/26/2020 20:30
                  NATURAL DEER DETERENTS AND FERTILIZER FOR ROSES 1. Plant lavender at the base of rosebushes if deer are a problem in your area. Deer are attracted by the rose scent, and lavender muddies the rose...

Baltimore Oriole

04/26/2020 20:03
Julie Jansen   The Baltimore Oriole The rich, whistling song of the Baltimore Oriole, echoing from treetops near homes and parks, is a sweet herald of spring in eastern North America. Look way up to find these singers: the male’s brilliant orange plumage blazes from high branches like a...


04/26/2020 20:02


04/26/2020 20:00

Message from the Ourgoing President

04/26/2020 18:23
                       Message From our Outgoing President - Linda Womsley   This Spring….. We are doing things a little differently than normal. Instead of joining together to plant...

Squirrles Habits

04/25/2020 19:44
  Squirrel Habits By: Julie Barnes American Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus          A squirrel possesses unique virtues in order to persist: Ability to effortlessly walk along power lines; Athletic and acrobatic expertise to run up and down, as well as, jump...


04/25/2020 19:43

Squirrles----To Be or not To Be.

04/25/2020 19:41
    Squirrel Habits By: Julie Barnes      A squirrel possesses unique virtues in order to persist: Ability to effortlessly walk along power lines; Athletic and acrobatic expertise to run up and down, as well as, jump from tree to tree; Relentless talent breaking into...
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