TERRARIUMS and Horti-therapy

05/21/2019 14:08
Like they say "sweet smelling Mother Earth is smelling salts for the soul".  Ingomar Garden Club provided the materials and the residents of Wexford House got busy and created some very intersting terraruims. Look closely and you will find a butterfly or a bird. click on Horti-therapy in the...


05/19/2019 20:57
     Our "fearless leader" Kate Colville Tour indeed !   The Chatham campus is home for 115 different varieties of trees covering 32 acres. Our knowledgable and entertainning guide,  Kristen Spirl, included interesting diversions like a mother mallard duck with...


05/08/2019 12:33
                                     HERE WE COME          THE INGOMAR GARDEN...

May Meeting - take care of the best gardning tool you have---Yourself

05/07/2019 22:29
Thanks Oralia. Joe Stavish,Tree expert, Community Education Coordinator for Tree Pittsburgh was the Guest Speaker and  taught us valuable techniques on tree planting, pruning, weeding, watering, and mulching.  Got it!     Michael Niggemer,   1st Place winner in the...

Been There Done That

05/07/2019 19:39
Flower arranging at "Flowerama.  Add a glass of wine with a yummy or two and ---Shazam!April 17     Jesteadt's Nursery in Prospect, PA.  where a greenhouse is another world.         April  29      Jestaed's Green house...

Bellevue Garden Project

04/30/2019 23:25
Help is needed from now through June 7th to work / weed the Community Garden in Bellevue.  Work days are Monday and Thursday begining at 10am till 2pm.  For more information contact Allysa Crawford at  

News and Notes

04/30/2019 23:08
April 15th through June 7th the Community Outreach will be orking and weeding the garden in Bellevue.  Work times are 10 am till 2pm.  Contact Allysa Crawford for more information at  

10 Fun Facts about Blurbirds by Julie Jansen

04/30/2019 22:35
                        1) Bluebirds are found throughout North America, including the eastern, western and mountain bluebirds. All bluebirds are cavity nesters and will use an...

Easter Thoughts by Julie Barnes

04/30/2019 22:11
Spring is really here. And what a truly beautiful one watching everything come back to life ; bulbs flowering, trees blossoming, birds chirping, bumblebees searching for new homes, warmer lighter days and incredible scents to breathe in. In this season of rebirth feast day of Easter is observed by...


04/29/2019 13:47


04/29/2019 13:46


04/29/2019 13:40
From the President: Happy May, I hope everyone has found some time to be outside in their gardens!...


04/29/2019 13:30

April Meeting

04/12/2019 22:16
After lunch the gals did some serious "crafting" for the May 11th plant sale.  There was a nice article in the Pine Richland News Paper.  We will be there 8am till 2pm with plants, crafts, and used garden accessories. 

Busy April Meeting

04/12/2019 22:12
After lunch the ladies did some serious crafting for the May plant sale.  

Some Pruning Basics

03/31/2019 23:01
                    Julie Barnes, Master Gardner   Last month I discussed when to consider pruning. But, in order to do this job properly, choosing the right tool should make it easier for both you...


03/31/2019 23:01

Presidents Comments

03/31/2019 21:42
Welcome Spring I have found signs of spring in my garden, I swear they were not there two weeks ago! Tuesday I walked out my door and voilà there they were, daisies and day lilies popping out of the ground! My next thought, I’ll have plants for the dig ‘em work shops in a couple of weeks, and then...

Plant Sale Just Around The Corner

03/30/2019 22:29
  Ingomar Garden Club Annual Plant Sale.  May 11th    8am till 2pm    Corner of Ingomar Road and  Route 19         Hanging Baskets         ...


03/30/2019 22:25
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