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Our New President

09/01/2015 00:00

Making the Most of Mulch

07/17/2015 17:00
By: Julie Barnes For many gardeners, applying organic mulch is an annual process that appearance a landscape. The purpose of mulch is to cool or warm the soil, suppress weeds, and retain soil moisture. When applying mulch the general recommended mulching depth is 2-3 inches deep. This can vary...

Letter Announcing the beginning of the IGC / 1946

11/11/2013 19:51
In the spring of 1946 the following letter was sent to  all homeowners in Ingomar announcing the birth of the new Club and urging the community ot cooperate in beautifying the area.

Ingomar Garden Club's park-maintenance efforts earn honor

10/30/2013 00:17
This article was written for TribLive. The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society is honoring the Ingomar Garden Club with its 2013 Community Greening Maintenance Award for the club's ongoing efforts at David E. Councill Memorial Park. “The award celebrates individuals, garden clubs, community...

IGC Website Instructions

07/23/2010 17:59
IGC Website Instructions.pdf (1,4 MB)
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