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July 2016 Residential Choice / Marshall Township

07/05/2016 15:56
Sam and Kathy Osteen / 104 Kathleen Circle The red calibrachoa hanging baskets, gazebo, and patriotic buntings attracted us to this house with a vivid patriot theme and country style. The Ostens' have carried the country theme throughout every flower bed around their home accenting with old farm...

July 2016 Residential Choice / Marshall Township

07/05/2016 15:47
Eric and Beth Bloch / 1211 Country Oak Dr. We noticed their home because they were busily at work on a rainy Sunday enhancing their front yard. When we asked about working in the rain they told us they bought the house four years ago and it was completely overgrown. They have pulled out, prun Ed,...

July 2016 Commercial Choice / Marshall Township

07/05/2016 14:49
Good Samaritan Hospice / 146 Neely School Road For July's Garden of the Month's commercial choice we selected Good Samaritan Hospice on Neeley School Road. We met with Lori H. Roberts, the head volunteer, and Jamie Burke, the director of operations. The gardens are maintained by Lori and...

President's Comments - June 2016

06/05/2016 16:13
Dear Ingomar Garden Club Members, It was a great plant sale on May 7th.  There was no snow.  People came out for us and the sales seemed great.  Thank you for all who participated and a great big applause for all the Plant Sale Committee and helpers.  The merchandise looked...

70th Annual Plant Sale

05/27/2016 16:31
After seventy years, we are the real pros at hosting a community plant sale.  Sunshine and "shades" says "super sales for sure"   It doesn't get any better than this!

Central Junior Garden Club 2016

05/02/2016 20:59
Getting ready for the 2016 plant sale

Mole? Or Vole?

04/05/2016 18:20
Ah spring time! A stroll through your yard will certainly alleviate cabin fever. While walking along you suddenly twist your ankle on a tunnel winding through your lawn or you notice that a beloved shrub appears to be unhealthy. As you gently shake away its drooping leaves the entire plant pulls...

Get Ready for the 2016 Flower Show

03/05/2016 21:18
As we have a flower show this coming year.  The centerpieces displayed at the meetings will exhibit an arrangement required in the show.  Our flower show co-chairman,  Ann Ferguerson set the stage by presenting a stretch design at the March meeting.  "A stretch design is a...

Our History: The Ingomar Garden Club Plant Sale

03/04/2016 00:00
Our first plant sale was April 13th, 1946, in Mrs. McCarthy's garage just two months after the club was founded (February 7th).  There is no record of the proceeds however they did another one in September, also in Mrs. McCarthys garage, and made $31.00.  Ingomar Garden Club plant sales...

We're Back and a flower shows coming

03/03/2016 23:18
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