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Ingmar Garden Club Receives Award

01/10/2016 22:57
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1827 that offers programs, activities, workshops, and publications for gardeners of all levels and interests.  We are honored to be the recipient of this award for David Councill Park.   A gardening...


01/09/2016 22:01
Ingomar Garden Club

70 Years and counting

01/09/2016 19:29
We are celebrating seventy years of being a group of women dedicated to making our piece of Pittsburgh a place that makes you proud. Originally founded as an offshoot from a social club in 1946, the Ingomar Garden Club quickly grew into an organization committed to cleaning up local unsightly...

Springfield Grill

01/03/2016 16:28
The weather was 50 degrees. The waiter was a saint to put up with us.  The fellowship and food  fun and filling.  Time to get the snowbirds back and start getting ready for 2016.

Springfield Bar and Grill

01/03/2016 16:13
The waiter was a saint to put up with all of us.  What a fun get-to-gather.  Regular meeting in March /back to work!

Pat Beall's Farewell Party

11/19/2015 20:20

Dixmont State Hospital and IGC

11/04/2015 16:41
In 1967 the IGC transferred their volunteer Garden Therapy Program Aspinwal Veteraans hospital to Dixmont State Hospital, which lasted through 1980.  Garden therapy programs had members showing patients how to make and plant flower beds on the grounds, flower arranging classes, and potting...

Our New President

09/01/2015 00:00

Making the Most of Mulch

07/17/2015 17:00
By: Julie Barnes For many gardeners, applying organic mulch is an annual process that appearance a landscape. The purpose of mulch is to cool or warm the soil, suppress weeds, and retain soil moisture. When applying mulch the general recommended mulching depth is 2-3 inches deep. This can vary...

Letter Announcing the beginning of the IGC / 1946

11/11/2013 19:51
In the spring of 1946 the following letter was sent to  all homeowners in Ingomar announcing the birth of the new Club and urging the community ot cooperate in beautifying the area.
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