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Amish Country Field Trip

09/15/2021 14:00
What a great trip. Thank you to Susan Hougelman who shared tons of informative information on the Amish who live in the New Wilmington area. We visited an Amish grocery store, Greenhouse and Farrier (we stopped here for the DONUTS, yum). If your sorry you missed the trip, or just want a review,...

September Message

09/01/2021 16:47
Greetings Gardening Friends,  How lush everything is as we head into September with the abundance of rain over the past couple weeks. I know we all appreciated taking a break from our hoses and watering cans! It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, with our garden’s peak bloom...

Rosalinda Sauro Sirrianni Garden 2021

08/30/2021 13:19
We had a great time helping to weed the garden at the end of August! Lots of vegetables yet to harvest! AND the last ride in the Katemobile!   

Poster / Poetry Winners visit IGC

08/04/2021 08:31
Our visiting winners, THANK YOU for sharing your poetry and posters. It was a joy to meet you, your parents and teacher! Thank you Karen and Marilyn for your ongoing support.   THANKS CHRIS!!!!

Bartlett Tree at IGC

08/04/2021 08:00
Thanks to Ben Hartranft and Devin Taydus Certified Arborists from Bartlett Tree!   And to Oralia for arranging flowers from Irene and Kay's gardens - Beautiful!

8 Tomato Myths

08/01/2021 13:26
8 Tomato Myths  By: Scott Daigre Fine Gardening Magazine, August 2012, p. 26-28  Condensed by Julie Barnes IT' S NO SECRET that the tomato is a summer-time favorite with its memorable taste. But it is also thought to be difficult to grow. Let’s dispel some common misconceptions to render...

August Message

08/01/2021 09:00
Greetings Gardening Friends,  We are certainly heading into the hot and muggy “Dog Days of Summer.” I’d rather be sitting on my covered porch under the ceiling fan with a tall glass of iced tea! It’s best this time of year to head out in the early morning or the evening for weeding,...

July Picnic Auction

07/07/2021 09:46
Thanks Julie and Jan!  

Brown-headed Cowbird

07/01/2021 13:14
The Brown-headed Cowbird is a stocky blackbird with a fascinating approach to raising its young. Females forgo building nests and instead put all their energy into producing eggs, sometimes more than three dozen a summer. They are called “brood parasites” which means they lay their eggs in the...

July Message

07/01/2021 11:49
Greetings Gardening Friends, Many of us enjoyed our tour of family owned Brenckles Nursery and also visiting Larry Grundlers Summerhill Daylily, Rose, Iris, and Hosta wonderland. He shared his skill, passion, and lifelong dedication to these species. The daylilies will be at their peak in the...
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