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Birds and Butterflies

06/22/2020 23:16
By Julie Jansen...

Birds ans Butterflies

06/22/2020 23:13

Birds ans Butterflies

06/22/2020 23:13
Scarlet Tannager

David Council Park

06/16/2020 17:23
Primed,  Primped, and Pretty.   We have been doing this for 50 years.

The Passavant Planters

06/15/2020 18:28
The outstanding planters around Passavant Hospital are planted and maintained by IGC.  Truly a labor of love as the water must be hand-carried as there is no water...

David Councill Park & Edith's Garden

06/14/2020 17:27
Primed, Primped and Pretty.  Looking back we have been doing this for 50 years.Edith's Garden in front of the Northland Library is a more recent project of ours, and ready for viewing.

Members Resume "OUTINGS"

06/11/2020 16:08
 Ingomar Garden Club gals drove over to Sewickley Heights to see the Wilpen Hall Rose Garden and what a beautiful day to be "smellin' the roses"  Built in in 1897 as a summer retreat for William Penn Snyder and his family, three generations later the property can be visited where sixty...

June 3rd Meeting

06/08/2020 13:35
Beem there and done that!


05/26/2020 22:57
June Meeting Covid-Style June 3, in a member's front yard, the Ingomar Garden Club will meet conplete with masks, bag lunch, chair, and a drink.   We will install the new officers and our Horticulture Chairman, after due research will present a program about  Exavating For Garden...


05/26/2020 22:46
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