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From The President

04/02/2020 14:04
  President     Linda...

Pat Knell grow Orchids

03/26/2020 21:23

Chris and Barb like Succulents in the Library

03/20/2020 22:35


03/20/2020 22:06
Every gardener knows about transplanting.  Moving from one place to another.  During this time of uncertainty we are moving our operations from the meeting hall to our website.  You can still look forward to flower designs, information on horticulture, birds, butterflies,...

Ingomar Garden Club Will Continur To

03/20/2020 22:05

Update from the IGC President

03/20/2020 21:19
  Linda Womsley     Hello Gardeners!   I have just arrived back from a work then vacation trip and am happy to report that my garden appears ready to POP! There have been many years at this...

March Meeting

03/06/2020 16:53
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 - Northmont Church, 8169 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pa Business Meeting: 10:30 am; Lunch Break: 11:30 - Hostess provided snacks and beverages.. We will begin making plans for the Plant sale and continue getting ready for the GCFP Convention April 17. Program - Dave Rees, a...


03/06/2020 16:50

What are "DIGGUMS ?

03/03/2020 22:07
D-I-G-G-U-M-S  =  Plants that can be dug. divided, and dumped into a flower pot where they grow and can be sold 8 weeks later at the plant...

Personal Care Collection Feb 17 / April 20

03/03/2020 21:53
SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits cannot be used to purchasepersonal care items. These items are a necessity, and can be an expense that many low-income families cannot afford. NHCO collects these items and gives them to families and individuals whouse our food...
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