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A Fairie Garden

08/30/2020 16:34

Lady Etta

08/26/2020 16:37

Year Book ia a Winner

08/20/2020 14:40
Our 2020 Yearbook was awarded second place by the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.  Julie Barns, our yearbook chairman,  deserves  a round of applause for many winning yearbooks, and many more to come

Indoor Terrarium Gardening

08/19/2020 15:22
Whether you have been dreaming of your favorite vacation spot, or have seen photos of exotic destinations, you can recreate the scene in miniature with a terrarium.  Today terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, both closed and open utilizing a wide array of natural...

A Women's Work Is Never Done

08/08/2020 12:29
Especially if you are Ruth Kirk and head the committee of "Edith's Garden" Named in memory of a dear member who loved gardening and located at the entrance of the Northland Library, it also contains a Blue Star Marker sponsored by the Ingomar Garden Club.

President's Remarks August 2020

08/08/2020 12:22

President's Remarks

08/08/2020 12:20

North Hills Community Outreach August 2020

07/31/2020 16:53
        NORTH HILLS COMMUNITY OUTREACH by Elayne Masters Possible dates for us to work at the Rosalinda Sauro Sirianni Garden are August 21 or September 4, 11, or 18 (all Fridays). Please text me at 724-244-5564 to let me know if/when you can go. The Victory...

President's Comments August 2020

07/31/2020 16:05
A Message from our President, Kate Coville The sound of rain on the porch roof was music to my ears yesterday as I looked out over the garden – thankful that I didn’t have to grabthe hose, yet again, to give the plants a drink. I know that you all have been tending to and laboring in your...

Presidents Comments August 2020

07/31/2020 15:58
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