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The Polyphemus Moth

11/30/2021 21:28
BUTTERFLIES by Julie Jansen The Polyphemus Moth  What do Polyphemus Moths look like?  The Polyphemus moth is a large silk moth and is found in tan, reddish-brown, and dark brown colors. The most beautiful characteristic of the species is their hind wings that have two black or blue-lined...

December Message

11/30/2021 21:12
Greeting Garden Friends,  As 2021 winds down, I reflect on how our club continued to shine as a beacon of light and beauty in our community with our community gardens, by encouraging creativity and conservation with our youth with our poetry, poster and essay contests, and with our return at...

Horti-therapy is back!

11/15/2021 18:36
Finally! We were back at Wexford House this November to socialize and make holiday arrangements with the residents. 

White-throated Sparrow

11/01/2021 23:56
White-throated Sparrow by Julie Jansen   A handsome bird that has recently moved back in our area from the boreal forest across Canada is the white-throated sparrow. They are easily recognizable with their striking head pattern. The black-and-white-striped head is augmented by a bright...

November Message

11/01/2021 23:02
Greeting Garden Friends, As I sit writing this letter, most of the leaves I see outside my window are still green. We've had many beautiful, sunny, warm fall days this year. As our climate changes, and our temperatures warm, our growing season seems to extend. Hopefully, most of you have put your...

Serious for Cereus

11/01/2021 00:17
Serious for Cereus  By: Julie Barnes    In this month of Thanksgiving please let me share something that I was truly grateful for. After several years, a magnificent flower dazzled us. My night-blooming cereus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) bloomed one recent cool October...

2021 Perennial Bloom Winner

10/22/2021 23:21
Our 2021 Perennial Bloom Winner - Kate Colville! Pictured here next to a Boomerang reblooming Lilac planted in her honor. Thank you to Best Feed Wildwood for their donation.  

Beautiful Wood Nymph

10/01/2021 23:48
Beautiful Wood Nymph by Julie Jansen  Eudryas grata is known by its common name, beautiful wood nymph.  It seems like a bit of a joke considering this moth purposefully looks like bird poop but indeed the common name for this species is "beautiful wood nymph." Scientifically, however,...

October Message

10/01/2021 23:00
Greetings Garden Friends,  This is probably my favorite time of the year – with the cool nights, low humidity, but warm sun. I’m looking forward to the colorful foliage that will be soon coming our way, and enjoying the additional pop of color that pumpkins and gourds, mums, and asters provide...

To Cherish or Perish

10/01/2021 00:05
To Cherish or to Perish By Julie Barnes As we start to wind down our gardening year it can be difficult to say goodbye to cherished plants that brought us so much joy. Carrying them in and treating them as houseplants can take up a lot of room and possibly infest indoor plants with unwanted pests....
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