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September Meeting Outdoors

09/11/2020 17:22
Practicing A Positive Perspective -- holding our meetings outdoors can have it's positives!  Dress casually / Do a Mini Flower Show / Make Kokedams (?) / Have a Picnic Obviously a "fundraiser" flower show.  Stacy Ivol, Director of the Beaver Area Heritage Museum, taught the Art of...

A Fairy Garden

08/26/2020 16:38
  Barb Oswald thought it would be fun to show her grandchildren how to make a Fairy Garden.  She cleared a small corner of her garden and "fenced" it in.  They planted the flowers and and the "toys."

The House Wren by Julie Jansen Sept. 2020

08/21/2020 15:34
The House Wren has one of the largest ranges of any songbird in the New World. It breeds from Canada through the West Indies and Central America, southward to the southernmost point of South America.   Spending the summers in thickets and brushy edge habitat adjacent to...

Message From Our President - Kate Colville September 2020

08/20/2020 16:05
  I can't remember when I felt happier to feel the rain on my face than last evening.   When the garden shrubs are starting to grow limp, you KNOW you’re in desperate need of rain. Hopefully, we’ll get even more rain this week.  This time of year the ornamental grasses are...

Presidents Comments

08/20/2020 14:53
The sound of rain on the porch roof was music to my ears yesterday as I looked out over the garden – thankful that I didn’t have to grab the hose, yet again, to give the plants a drink. I know that you all have been tending to and laboring in your gardens during these hot days of summer. I am...

Year Book ia a Winner

08/20/2020 14:40
Our 2020 Yearbook was awarded second place by the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.  Julie Barns, our yearbook chairman,  deserves  a round of applause for many winning yearbooks, and many more to come

Indoor Terrarium Gardening

08/19/2020 15:22
Whether you have been dreaming of your favorite vacation spot, or have seen photos of exotic destinations, you can recreate the scene in miniature with a terrarium.  Today terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, both closed and open utilizing a wide array of natural...

A Women's Work Is Never Done

08/08/2020 12:29
Especially if you are Ruth Kirk and head the committee of "Edith's Garden" Named in memory of a dear member who loved gardening and located at the entrance of the Northland Library, it also contains a Blue Star Marker sponsored by the Ingomar Garden Club.

President's Remarks August 2020

08/08/2020 12:22


08/07/2020 16:07
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