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Our sincere condolences to Kate and her family on the passing of her father, Lawrence W .Snively, Jr.

03/03/2021 07:34
             First IGC Meeting 2021                                                We met in the PYCO School of Music building, using the back...

African Violets

03/02/2021 00:31
Julie Barnes Getting Real with African Violets   African violets are no longer your grandmother's plants. They do not need a large container, just a 5-inch-diameter or smaller pot. Consider using a sleek, self-watering container or else, display them in a galvanized vessel. If you hear...

March 19-20 North Hills Community Outreach

03/01/2021 23:28
Our annual Neighborhood Block Party will look a little different this year. Have fun at home with a Block Party To Go Party Bag and join us for a great time while helping your neighbors in need. Each bag includes at least one DIY Pizza Kit, Wine, Dessert, a game and more! The Children’s bag...

MARCH 2021

02/28/2021 18:57
President's Comments It’s hard to believe that Spring is right around the corner, with the icicles hanging from my gutters and the freezing temperatures outside. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the longer days, and know that the spring bulbs will soon be popping, and we’ll be itching to...

IGC Meeting March 3, PYCO School of Music in Wexford

02/10/2021 15:02
We always start with the Pledge of  Allegiance..  When there is no flag the gardeners creativity pays off.  One of our members brought plants to share and put  a "spring" in everyones step.  It was 36 degrees outside. Scott Campbell, owner of VIP Turf Care was the guest...

HAPPY NEW YEAR ( in spite of the pandemic)

01/03/2021 20:25
The Ingomar Club does not meet during January and February.  You could say those are our domant months.  The photo above speaks louder than words. Gardening is on the "back burner" till Spring. All the Snow Bunnies have gone to Florida and  the locals are snowed in.  However we...

In Loving Memory

12/05/2020 18:11
Dorothy Schuette, a memberber of the Ingomar Garden Club since 1971 passed away November 28.  She was known for her own beautiful gardens as well as her spectacular flower arrangements.   Dorothy actively partiscipated in all aspects of the garden club, her list of achievements is...

Dec, 2, IGC Meeting and Christmas Party cancelled

11/28/2020 21:43

December Meeting

11/27/2020 22:43
Our traditional Christmas Party is also our December meeting.  Due to the present pandemic quararntine regarding the restaurant regulations we were forced to cancel the event. 

Christmas Cactus

11/27/2020 22:26
                                                                             By Julie Barnes Christmas...
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