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October Meeting - Northmont UPC

10/05/2022 12:24
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Field Trip - Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

09/28/2022 10:30


09/19/2022 13:30

September Meeting at Beechwood Farms - Fall Seed Collection

09/14/2022 11:27
  Another lovely day for an outdoor meeting! After our meeting and bagged lunch, Roxanne Swan discussed seed collection. The why's, where and who! Local collection by Beechwood, regional collection by MARS-B (Mid-Atlantic Region Seed Bank), national by Seeds of Success, and the global...

September Meeting - Beechwood Farms

09/14/2022 10:30


09/01/2022 12:40
BUTTERFLIES  By Linda Szramowski  The Butterfly  The butterfly is a beautiful wonder of nature by any name. In French, the butterfly translates to “papillon,” so melodic and beautiful. In Portugal, they are called “borboleta.” If you hear someone call a butterfly a “Schmetterling,”...

September Message

09/01/2022 11:02
Greetings Garden Friends,  Farewell to August. The season’s dog days of summer are now behind us. To garden comfortably, you had to do it shortly after the sun came up or right before the sun went down on these hot, sometimes unbearably humid days. Even so, this gardener was able to grasp...

Shaler North Hills Library Hillside Garden Tour

08/17/2022 11:04
Dodging a few rain drops, we toured the Hillside Garden at Shaler North Hills Library. The garden is maintained by the Shaler Garden Club - great job Shaler! We enjoyed the variety and the labels! It cut down on a lot of guessing, but not the discussion around each planting. The perennial bloom...

Jennings Meeting and Program

08/03/2022 13:51
We had thirteen members participate in our August meeting and program at Jennings Environmental Education Center. We had a beautiful sunny day, a large pavilion with a prairie view and our speaker Brandi Miller-Parrish to make the day perfect. Thanks Brandi!   After her talk, Brandi led us...

Cut and Come Again Zinnias

07/31/2022 17:02
Cut And Come Again Zinnias  by Julie Barnes  In hot, hot weather heat-and-drought-tolerant Zinnias are always dependable. Thriving in sunny locations with low humidity and sparse rainfall, these annuals liven up gardens flaunting every color imaginable, except for blue, in an array of...
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