Putting The Park To Bed

11/15/2014 12:11

Anyone want some lovely Red Canna Lily bulbs ?   Unfortunately they must be removed in the fall as they are "tropical" perennials.  We start in the spring digging to plant them and finish every fall digging twice as many up.  They do multiply so the offer stands----anyone want some lovely canna bulbs?   The IGC Garden Crew trimmed back those perennials that live in zone 5 and as we say, "Put the park to bed."


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Putting The Park To Bed

11/15/2014 12:11
Anyone want some lovely Red Canna Lily bulbs ?   Unfortunately they must be removed in...

"Turkey Dinner on Every Table" Donations

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October Coat Drive

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Ingomar Garden Club Flower Show 2014

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The 2014 Ingomar Garden Club Flower Show was held September 5 & 6 at Passavant...

Hawaiian Mystery Plant

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Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Volunteers Needed!

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Community Outreach

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President's Comments

November, 2014

11/03/2014 10:27

What a wonderful thankful time we are entering. Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect on all the blessings of tis past year. We've had three colorful seasons. We started with the planning of our gardens which lead us to Jesteadt's and then our Plan Sale. We watched our gardens grow and bloon; keeping out eyes on our horicullture and Dahlias for the Flower Show Prizes. The Flower Show engatged our creativity that took us into new and interesting designs. We picked our sented varieties and dried them into potpourii. Last month we viewed autumn arrangements in pumpkin vases. We are thankful that as gardeners and flower arranterds we get to deveop our five senese in such special ways. I want to thank all the chairwomen and their committees for amking our club such a success.

A special thank you goes to the hospitality committee and club memnbers for all the many dishers for our guests are our luncheon in October. They were delicious. We thank Mary Buckley for arranging for our speaker, Jennm Rossi from City Stems. What a delight she was with so amny helpful hints for fall arrangements. We thank Narcisi Winery for our tour and wine sampling. The food was delicious. We will enjoy it again at the Christmas Luncheon.

With Fall officially upon us, have you accomplished Julie's September Gardening Checklist? Did you plant some panises just to see if they will bloon this winter in their snow-made igloos. Are you ready for a rest?

 - Ann Ferguson (on behalf of Connie, as she is on vacation)