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03/06/2014 23:54

Getting off to a great start with our first meeting of 2014 we had a class on "potting soils" and "agressive garden perennials.  Which is the begining of growing  anything right.  Small bags of potting soil were passed around but only a piece of paper with the written names of the "bad guys" was available. 

Here are their pictures.  So copy and plaster them for all the world to see.   Here is the "most wanted list" of the IGC.

1.Adenophora liliifolia LadybellsLilileaf Lady Bells (Adenophora lilileaflora)

Bishop's Weed (Aegopodium podagraria)      CLICK ON     garden tips and articles for more pictures


IGC Members Honored by the Central Junior Garden Club.

02/22/2014 22:05

January kicks off the planning for the Junior Club activities of 2014.  Ingomar Garden Club provides support for the staff at Central Elementary School.

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