Annual July IGC Picnic

07/17/2015 21:11

The annual IGC picnic isn't just about food.  Members also bring garden treasures for 'Auction'   And the auctioneer is the best "treasure" of all

Members eargerly await the arrival of the one and only, Kay Womsley
Rita Mack was our hostess and didn't mind one bit showing off her beautiful gardens.  Food-Fun and Flowers.    Perfect!.






Pumpkin on a Stick

07/28/2015 18:39


07/24/2015 11:08
All flower show chairman take note-----Wexford House Residents had fun designing floral...

Annual July IGC Picnic

07/17/2015 21:11
The annual IGC picnic isn't just about food.  Members also bring garden treasures for...

Jr. Garden Club is Back

03/24/2015 22:58
The Central Elementary School greenhouse was the scene of Jr gardeners potting up plugs (garden...

Julie's Corner

12/15/2014 21:49
Master Gardner   PERENNIAL PRIMER Garden Visits and Etiquette By: Julie Barnes   Summer...

Community Outreach

02/10/2013 11:37
Ingomar Garden Club prides itself in having members of our club involved with community...

President's Comments

August 2015

11/03/2014 10:27

President Connie Brecht.

I hope your summer is going well and you are staying cool. At least we are getting a break from the rain. I like the rain better though, and our plants and flowers like it too. We did not have to water thus savings in our water and sewer bills.

The rain held off for our Annual picnic. Many, many thanks go to a lot of people: TO Rita and Bill Mack for opening their beautiful gardens and house to us; TO our In- House Auctioneer, Kay Womsley, for a great job that even with just a fewer auction items that we got, she was able to bring in a good amount of proceeds for our club; TO our Hospitality Ladies, Marie Kazmierzak, Jean Boucek (and Jane Tate), for taking care of everything we needed; and TO all of you for your delicious food. No duplication of menu as usual. What an array of food!

2016 is our club’s 70th Anniversary. We were organized in 1946. A celebration is being planned for next year. If you have any ideas or suggestions (when, where, how), please email it to me for consideration. The Board will welcome your input.

In my e-blast, I asked that if you have any old or new business that you want discussed at the regular or board meeting, please submit it to me (email or phone) at least a week in advance before the meeting so it can be included in the Agenda. No old/new business will be discussed that is not in the Agenda. We are trying to streamline our meetings.

For our August 5th meeting, please come early for Pat Beall’s 10:00 am presentation. This is something that you do not want to miss. Just 30 minutes extra of your time. Please make sure not to miss this one. Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Have a safe one! Connie Brecht