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Judith's reccomendation

07/24/2014 08:45

  After being introduced to the Junor Garden Club on the IGC website by her summer camp counselor,  Judith found a website she wanted to share with us.                                             

350G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants


07/16/2014 00:02

IGC members were invited to a private showing of Stacy''s day lily farm in Baden PA.


Call it a “field trip” “tour” “shopping spree” “afternoon tea”----all would be correct.   Members of IGC headed out to Baden, PA Sunday, July 13th for a private tour of the Daylily Valley Farms owned by Stacy Chalupiak, located at 300 Tyro Road.  Daylilies are in their prime this time of year and the rainbow of color is breathtaking.  Stacy served up a batch of daylily know-hows as well as iced tea and cookies.  Lots of daylilies will be blooming next year in our yards and that made the trip a success.  The farm is open during the week to the public and on Sundays for special folks ---like us.