We Love You Mary.

06/03/2017 21:04

The members of Ingomar Garden Club were notified May 27th that Mary Buckley had passed. 

At the District IX Members Day Out meeting a heart warming tribute was paid to her by Sue Simple, President of District IX.  Mary was President of IGC 2000- 2001 and on the District IX board as projects chairman since 2003.  The  Christmas tree at the Norht Hills Library was Mary's project.   She stepped down from her many activities for health reasons but still was available for all of our "how to" questions. 

IGC extends our condolences to Mary's family.

Our loss is heaven's gain.




May 2017 Plant Sale Success!

05/14/2017 22:44

In spite of a cold morning and the possibility of rain, the IGC gals were there setting up at 7AM.



Some "Dads" shopping for Mothers Day.


Remeber this?


Amazing what sun, water and a little "talking can do


You name it; we grew it!

See you next year!

Junior Garden Club Plant Sale a "boffo" 2 day event.

05/11/2017 14:02


We are honored to be a part of the Central Elementary School Junior Garden Club.   They had their sale May 11/12.   Janet Eck did her usual fablous job of bringing in gorgeous hanging baskets, for "ambiance" to set off the all the veggies and herbs the kids grew from seed.

This is where it began---in the green house.  Joel with her "green thumb gang




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President's Comments for June, 2017

06/02/2017 15:41


Dear Hard Working Gardener Club Members,


It seemed like we had a great plant sale.  I don’t know the numbers, but it seemed we had less left this year than last, and we had a continuous turn out of customers.  About 77% of our club members participated one way or another.  Good showing.  It was an exhausting day, but well worth the efforts.  I can’t wait for the Plant Sale Committee report.  Those caladiums were a beautiful new addition.  The unique crafts and treasures were an added bonus to our sales.  Thank you, club members for all you have done to make the sale a success.


The Bee Lady, Vicki Kleber, gave an outstanding presentation about “Raising Bee Colonies”.  I am enjoying the creamed honey.  Maybe this would be an interesting topic for the Flower Show.


I have just finished planting my new perennials and annuals for this year.  I am thrilled with my purchases.  Now I look forward to the season of watering and fertilizing, weeding and dealing with the wild life.  The chipmunks are driving me crazy. They already have eaten my new lily bulb, dug up some newly planted, annuals and teased my dog to race through my little garden after them. So maybe I am not finished planting.


All are God’s blessings, one way or another. Keep tabs on your calendars as there are many exciting activities planned. Keep up the good work fellow gardeners.

Sincerely Ann Ferguson

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