Our New President

01/15/2016 22:25

Ann Ferguson is Ingomar Garden Club President for 2016              

This will be a busy year as we celebrat our 70th Birhday as well as put on a Flower Show.   Not a problem for Ann.   That's why we elected the most energetic lady in the club.   (and former teacher).  Get ready for lots of "homework"

Ingmar Garden Club Receives Award

01/10/2016 22:57

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1827 that offers programs, activities, workshops, and publications for gardeners of all levels and interests.  We are honored to be the recipient of this award for David Councill Park.   A gardening project since 1956.

70 Years and counting

01/09/2016 19:29

We are celebrating seventy years of being a group of women dedicated to making our piece of Pittsburgh a place that makes you proud. Originally founded as an offshoot from a social club in 1946, the Ingomar Garden Club quickly grew into an organization committed to cleaning up local unsightly areas and turning them into public gardens.   This required a knowledge of landscaping that evolved into all the other aspects of gardening.   Floral design was intorduced, meanwhile horticulture florished as we traded seeds and swaped ideas on better ways to compost.   If you are on this website the rest is "history' as you can see.  Forgive us as we give ourselves a pat on the back and say, "We done good."


Springfield Grill

01/02/2016 00:00

The weather was 50 degrees, the waiter a saint to put up with us, the fellowship and food great ! Time for the Snowbirds to head for home and join us for the IGC March meeting   2016 is a busy year for us